Fat women are taught that they are less-than and unworthy of love or sexual pleasure.

via No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as a Fat Girl | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color.

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Dnyree and I are both blessed in the breast department (and other places too, for that matter, but this post is about boobs, so we’ll leave that for another day). At any rate, I’ve always been pretty modest in how I dress and for the most part, try to play down my assets. At a size 42G, however, they’re pretty hard to hide, so that’s not really working for me. So, I’ve been looking for ways to display the “girls” tastefully yet sexy, without being obscene or scaring small children…

I recently turned to the web to search out other amply-endowed women to see how they accentuate the positive. Some do it with class and others, eh, not so much.

Bevy Smith

Bev is one of my favorites as she always keeps it grown & sexy

Jill Scott

Jill, well she created her own bra to keep her “girls” front & center

Christina Hendricks

Christina’s turn on “Mad Men” as Joan Holloway reminds us of a time when womanly curves were actually preferred to stick figures

Queen Latifah

Queen always looks regal whether casual or holding court on the red carpet

Tionna Smalls

Tionna “There’s Nothing Small About Her” Smalls let’s it all hang out

I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to be as um, upfront as some of these women are, however, I am ready to take a few more risks with my wardrobe and reveal just a little more skin…when it’s appropriate, of course.

Doesn’t mean you have to acknowledge them.

A friend was having this discussion on her FB blog (Feminista), regarding whether or not the threat of public [male] harassment affects how we dress before going out. Not going out to a party or event… but just – going – out – in – general.

for me?  Hell – emphathically – YES!

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This image is in this weeks issue of US Weekly. In the “Who Wore it Best” feature, they speak to 100 random people around NYC’s Rockefeller Center and show them the pics of people (generally women) wearing the same outfit to different events.

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Tonight listen to D’Nyree & my other pal Nyree (yes, there’s two of us! Lol!) as we take back the black female conversation. Here are the details….

LISTEN: http://bit.ly/choccake TONIGHT @11p EST/10p CST

TWEET: @mychocolatecake #choccake

TOPIC: “Why are we [Black Women] single?”

TALK: (917) 932-1577

…We’re going IN!

Special call-ins from all over & dliteful will be making an appearance ;-)

Tyra & 17 year old Sheridan Watson

The beautiful Sheridan Watson has won Tyra’s real size model search “Fiercely Real” – She’s Gorgeous!

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Elena Miro would be the reason I came back to LIFE

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I just found out about Hitch 2.0 through a few of my FB female friends, and saw the latest video “Mind of the Single Man” (Part 2) on Clutch

In the video they are addressing the age old “looks” vs “personality

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NOTE: While cleaning my email I found an old message that I’d sent to dliteful (the other half of the double dees), so I decided to post it here for your reading enjoyment… therein, it is new to you :-)

This model is not like the others...

While surfing the net today, I tripped over multiple fashion sites to read “This Vivienne Westwood Model Is Not Like the Others.” Of course it was because I thought a power player in the fashion industry has decided to buck the norms and use a *gasp* real sized or plus-sized model in their runway show…. You can imagine my disappointment to read that they’d used a male model who is a little outside of the norm of most. *yawn*

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